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Sprint Then, Sprint Nextel Now – Where They Were and Where They Are

13 Jun Sprint Then, Sprint Nextel Now – Where They Were and Where They Are

Sprint is one of the world’s top leading cell phone providers. They are the third largest wireless broadband network and long distance provider right behind AT&T Mobility and Verizon Wireless. Their phones and products can be found everywhere. While Sprint is currently a large corporation it has come a long way from its humble roots over 100 years ago.

Sprint was founded in 1899 by Cleyson Brown in the remote town of Abilene, Kansas. He named his company Brown Telephone Company and quickly established it as a rival to telephone company giant Bell System. Despite fierce competition throughout the 20th century The Brown Company became one of the country’s largest self sufficient local telephone providers. By the 1970’s the name was changed to United Telecommunications as the company grew and started to acquire smaller sets of telephone companies.

When long distance telephone service began to be offered in the 1980’s United Telecommunications was on the front lines of technology. The company offered the very first fiber optic network. United Telecommunications advanced ahead of its competitors with its new completely digital service. By the mid 80’s long distance service was being offered under the company’s new brand name Sprint. Sprint was the first company to provide the nation’s first coast-to-coast fiber optic transmission. By the end of the 1980’s Sprint offered one of the world’s best commercial packet data networks.

Not losing any steam they moved on to providing the entire world with phone, voice, and data services by the early 90’s. After merging with Centel Corporation, Sprint was the only telecommunications company that provided long distance and wireless service in the United States at the time in 1993. They were one of the first companies to introduce wireless service to the world further advancing wireless and phone technology by leaps and bounds. Sprint would continue to be trend setter throughout the 90’s by ushering in the merger of digital cellular technology, two way radio, and text paging with their introduction of Motorola’s iDEN technology in the fall of 1996. The company makes deals and establishes relationships with phone providers from Canada, Mexico, Germany, and France further promoting and expanding its world reach. By the end of the 90’s Sprint rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. With the companies amazing service, rates, and commendable customer service efforts such an award came as no surprise.

The ever growing Sprint merged with NEXTEL to form Sprint Nextel in the summer of 2005. Realistically Sprint purchased Nextel but the name survived the assimilation. Now with the merger in full effect Sprint Nextel can provide its customer with a wider variety to choose from when selecting a suitable cell phone plan.

Sprint is a very big company. After being introduced in the late 19th century it has survived and has become one of the world’s top phone providers. The numerous name changes show how versatile the company really is. Based on their conception and the way they have survived all these years it would come as no shock if Sprint continued to grow. Providing millions of people with great phone service.

By Paul Wise

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