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Straight Talk Prepaid – Current Deals and Offers

30 May Straight Talk Prepaid – Current Deals and Offers

Straight Talk Wireless has two prepaid plans that are gaining considerable success in the cellular service marketplace. It's no surprise that these plans have become pretty formidable competition to other prepaid providers because both of the available plans are very good deals.

Straight Talk faces stiff competition from the likes of Boost Mobile, T-Mobile (which recently released a prepaid BlackBerry plan among others), MetroPCS (which continues to jostle its prices and service plans looking for the perfect niche), and Cricket (which offers Quite attractive service plans and rates in certain parts of the country). There are a veritable plethora of prepaid plans from which to choose-so it always pays to do the research and check out all the competition until you are satisfied with the plan you decide upon.

Straight Talk's two plans are actually quite similar, but just offer different degrees of freedom with minutes and text messages and other features. The $ 30 All You Need plan is a great option for people who need a basic wireless plan that will give them all the minutes and messaging capabilities they need. This plan comes with 1,000 text messages (sent and received) and the same amount of talk time minutes, so you are not going to be hurting for lack of staying connected.

But if you talk on your phone a lot and like to constantly stay connected with friends and family and like to browse the web frequently, the Unlimited Straight Talk plan may be a better option. And at a price point of $ 45, this plan, which included unlimited talk, text, and browsing, is not exactly going to break the bank.

One of the phones available on the Straight Talk plans is the Samsung R451C cell phone. At just under $ 100, this solid but rather basic cell phone is a good middle of the road option to use on one of these prepaid plans. Another available handset is the Samsung Finesse. The Finesse is a high-end, feature-rich phone with a touch screen that has drawn comparison to the Apple iPhone.

The comparison ends at the touch screen however, as Samsung Finesse does not allow third party apps or even stream video from popular video sites. The phone retails at $ 300, which puts it in line with other smartphones, but it is very expensive for a prepaid phone. Still, with a Straight Talk plan, you will be able to recoup your savings very quickly. Each month you will only be paying $ 30 or $ 45, which is quite cheap.

The Motorola RAZR phone is another handset option for either of these plans. The phone costs $ 99. The RAZR has been around for a while and is another good middle of the road cell phone option. Straight Talk deals also include free shipping for the phone you purchase, which will save you a few dollars. It should be noted that both plans provide unlimited 411 calling, which is at least a dollar of savings each time you use that function. Straight Talk Wireless plans run on Verizon's nationwide prepaid network.

By Chris M Mccarthy

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