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TA 65 Reviews – Expert Analysis and Comparison

16 Oct TA 65 Reviews – Expert Analysis and Comparison

If you are reading ta 65 reviews, you’ve either look for ways to age gracefully, or you’re intrigued as the best way to slow down the process.

You’ve probably heard some of the ta 65 reviews and you’re wondering if it’s the most effective way support youthful aging. Reading these ta 65 reviews, you also may be wondering if there are any more effective proven products that serve the same function, from the same scientists pioneering the field.

Keep reading to find out what the top researcher & chief consultant to TA Sciences since they discovered ta 65 has gone on to discover and create. All I can say is it is exciting and I have definitely upgraded from ta 65.

We should probably start with some basics and objectively clear up any misconceptions by answering the questions; What is a telomere and what function does it serve?

Simply put, telomeres protect chromosomes.

Chromosomes are basically long, organized strands of DNA and proteins found in your cells. These strands dictate all the processes that occur in your cells. The proper placement and functioning of chromosomes can predispose people to a normal, healthy functioning body. Chromosomes also have hereditary indicators that play important roles in the development of a person.

At each end of every chromosome strand, you have a telomere. Think of telomeres like bookends. Much like bookends are used to hold a row of books upright and in place on a shelf, our telomeres keep the chromosomes safe and intact. Telomeres keep the chromosomes from becoming frayed, from fusing into rings, or binding with other DNA.

Other ta 65 reviews probably won’t tell you it was designed to aide in these functions. Always consider the source you take advice from.

While looking at ta 65 reviews, considering whether or not its worth it, it’s also important to truly grasp what cellular aging really means.

Cells keep our body going. They supply us energy, regenerate to heal our wounds, and are the foundation of our organs. With such an important role, you can see how keeping cells functioning in top form as long as possible is vital to healthy living. When cells are no longer able to replicate, the body’s ability to defend and repair itself, this leaves you vulnerable to the complications of aging.

Do any of the TA 65 reviews suggest the supplement really assists in replication? To understand the aging process, it’s important to take a look at the cellular level to discover exactly how our cells age, and what impacts the aging process.

The first big piece folks should consider in these ta 65 reviews is how effective is it in battling free radicals?

Every day, free radicals are formed inside our bodies through standard, necessary chemical reactions. We also absorb free radicals through pollution, UV radiation, x-rays, second hand smoke, and through our own actions from stress, smoking, and weight gain.

Over-exposure to free radicals damages not only our cells’ ability to function properly, but also the integrity of our cells’ overall composition. This results the following generation’s cells that are less healthy and less productive than the ones they came from. As we age, the number of mistakes incurred by daily cellular reproduction increases. The body actually creates nonfunctional cells, leading to more rapid deterioration of the body’s functions. As this process goes on, it creates an increase in oxidative stress.

The next big piece in understanding cellular aging as you are reading ta 65 reviews, is understanding the role of increased oxidative stress.

Our bodies are constantly reacting with the air we breathe. We take in oxygen, as well as tons of other pollutants and toxins in our environment. As we breathe and eat, our body utilizes the oxygen and food to help create energy. The energy creating process, as well as the pollutants in our environment, create highly reactive molecules. These molecules are called free radicals. When free radicals interact with other molecules within the cellular structure, damage to proteins, membranes and DNA can occur.

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance in a cell’s production and handling of free radicals and its natural ability to repair the damage caused by the exposure. Telomere shortening is accelerated by oxidative stress and inflammation. Both of these processes are affected by diet and lifestyle. Thus, its important when looking at ta 65 reviews, to examine at how effective it is at battling oxidative stress. The secret will be in how many active ingredients ta 65 has to do this.

With a few exceptions, the natural process for human growth and healing involves cells dividing. Cells divide primarily to grow or heal the body by replacing worn out cells with new cells.

Telomeres play an important role in cell division. Each time a cell divides, the DNA unwraps and the information in the DNA is copied. When the cell is finished dividing, the DNA comes back together and telomeres re-assume their protective roles at the ends of the chromosomes.

Unfortunately, telomeres lose a little bit of length each time this happens, like a pencil eraser gets shorter each time it’s used. So as you read ta 65 reviews, you’re most likely wondering if it really helps in the process of strengthening cell division more than the other proven product on the market that we’ve discovered.

Scientists have noticed that cells stop replicating when telomeres become too short. Without adequate telomere protection, essential parts of the DNA can be damaged in the replication process. In humans, a cell replicates approximately 40-60 times before the telomeres become too short. This limit is called the Hayflick Phenomenon (or limit). Research has shown the more a cell divides, the shorter the telomeres get, and the less time the cell will be productive and able to divide.

The majority of the work is done by the body’s own master antioxidant, glutathione, and antioxidant enzymes including glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase. It’s essential to find food sources containing these. When telomeres shorten and fray, recent research suggests that these antioxidant defenses diminish and protection against free radicals goes down.

Does ta 65 prevent this?

Fortunately, emerging research reveals we may be able to influence cellular aging processes in positive ways. This may affect how efficiently cells repair and replicate themselves, which affects your health, well-being and the aging process in various ways.

What we did find was that many of these nutrients and compounds were not found in our ta 65 reviews. Fortunately we did discover another alternative that appears to be a far superior alternative to ta 65, and a much more affordable one for those desiring to feel younger again. Before we get there, its important we highlight this recent research so you can make your own decision.

It is important to remember that ta 65 consulted Dr. Bill Andrews in creating this product in the youngest phases of this niche in science. As you may imagine, this leading mind, considered to be the number one researcher in his field, has learned and achieved a lot since consulting on this first product.

Today, with the recent surge of interest in telomere shortening as an underlying cause of aging, it’s no wonder scientists are enthusiastically researching how diet and lifestyle can influence telomere length. Now, Ligi Paul, Ph.D., of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, has reviewed the latest literature associating telomere length with nutrients, bio-active compounds, and lifestyle factors.

Telomeres protect the ends of chromosomes from fusing with each other, Dr. Paul reminds us, and their length is an indicator of biological aging. Although shortening is a normal part of aging, oxidative stress and inflammation definitely speed up the process of telomere shortening.

“Of interest to nutritionists, telomere length has been shown to be associated with nutritional status in human and animal studies. Healthy lifestyles and diets are positively correlated with telomere length,” Dr. Paul wrote. According to his review, the most recent studies have found that the following nutrients influence telomere length: Folate, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Vitamin A and beta-carotene,

Vitamin D (CRP), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Curcumin, Turmeric, Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), & Polyphenols (grape seed & green tea).

Upon further investigation, our ta 65 reviews show that it doesn’t contain any of these proven organic botanicals proven to lengthen telomeres.

In addition to natural ingredients that support telomere length, the key is the natural activation of telomerase in the human body. Dr. Bill Andrews and his team at Sierra Sciences were the first to do this synthetically with 10,000 tries before expressing telomerase in the human body.

Then, Bill Andrews does a full body nutritional cleanse & replenishment by John Anderson, and shows him what he is up to.

Long story short, John submits 18 plant botanicals (not labeled) and they get 11 hits out of the 18, which previously took 10,000 for Bill to get one. This is much like ta 65 and their one plant phytochemical that activates telomerase.

Needless to say, Bill Andrews, who consulted the team on how to get ta 65 of the ground, has exclusively partnered with ‘The Mineral Man,’ John Anderson.

His team that built this research won the Noble Prize in Medicine in 20009. The two were featured in a 12 page spread in Popular Science magazine for their groundbreaking work in August, 2011. The title of the article was, “The Man Who Stopped Time.” I have a feeling that may be the clue we are looking for when we were doing our ta 65 reviews, in deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Dr. Bill and his team at Sierra Sciences found its first telomerase inducer called C0057684. It was first ever discovered that activates the telomerase enzyme gene without killing the cells. Efforts are presently underway to learn everything possible about C0057684. But in addition, C0057684 has provided Sierra Sciences with the first positive control ever for detection of telomerase gene activity in normal human cells. This has served as a very powerful tool for the development of robust high throughput screening assays for finding additional telomerase inducers.

Unlike ta 65, after working with John Anderson, Dr. Bill Andrews and his team have found the following; “We have screened 254, 593 compounds. We have found 858 telomerase inducers.” Keep in mind, this was quoted just a year after Bill Andrews started working with John Anderson (August, 2010). They have reportedly been exponentially increasing the speed of their discoveries as one would predict.

Now getting to the meat of it. In our ta 65 reviews, what we’ve found is that it only uses one Telomerase activator, Astragalus. Ta 65 is a naturally occurring single molecule found in the ancient Chinese herb Astragalus. T.A. Sciences has developed a proprietary process to refine and purify ta 65. Their process begins with tons of plant material harvested from selected farms in one small region in China.

Sierra Sciences, who has partnered exclusively with John Anderson and his team in creation of its groundbreaking Telomere support suppliment, Product B as found 858 telomerase inducers, as opposed to 1 telomerase activator in the ta 65 product.

It seems Dr. Bill Andrews current work with John Anderson clearly displays progression in the field and quite frankly, superior firepower.

Whats most notable is that there are far more personal testimonials to back up their new product, but what about the cost comparison to ta 65?

Looking into this, we found that their Product B can be purchased at wholesale for as little as $69. A monthly supply of ta 65 comes to $219. Pretty much a no-brainer from a cost stand point. See the signature box below.

As far as testimonials go, we’ll save that for another post. I’ve found significantly more testimonials for Product B than with our ta 65 reviews, even though its official launch was in August, 2011.

In my opinion, based on weighing the science and the facts, ta 65 is a stellar product, but we found Product B to be far superior.

You can learn more on youthful aging, telomeres, & Product B here and below in the resource box.

By David Emil Lombard

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