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Promotional Pens for Your Customers

What is the first thing that you think of when you gift a lovely present to someone? Well, most of the times we think of whether the person will like it or not. The next thing that we think of is...

Saying 'No' Gracefully to Customers and Colleagues

Envision the scenario: You've just been asked at the last minute by Chris, the organizer of your local networking group, to replace the scheduled speaker at next month's meeting. You already have too many commitments on your plate. Imagine your response:...

Best Kept Secret All Sprint Wireless Customers Should Know

Tune in as I reveal one of the best kept secrets that all Sprint wireless customers should know about their smartphones. Sprint Smartphones. Snapchat: @AllKoolStuff Periscope: @KoolKard Business Inquiries Email: Sprint: Whatsapp: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Check Out This Kool New Video: "iPhone 7 Plus Review - Great Phone, But Is...

The Lifetime of an Event Planner – Dealing With Tricky Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any enterprise and in a perfect environment, they are enjoyable, kind and respectful people today but in the authentic environment, some are usually "complicated", a euphemistic word for the acronym PITA ("Discomfort in the A$$")!!A extremely excellent buddy of mine,...

AT&T Accused of Deceiving Consumers With Limitless Info Plans

WASHINGTON — A few years ago, AT&T warned smartphone clients with “unlimited” facts ideas that their connections could be slowed if they utilised a lot of facts. On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission stated AT&T’s disclosure was misleading since it was not distinct enough. The commission...

Dash Delivers Spotify Bargains

Dash declared nowadays that it will provide Spotify discount rates to its buyers: Grow to be a patron nowadays: