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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Technology

09 Feb The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Technology

Mobile phones have altered our lifestyle to an unbelievable extent. Whenever some old member of a family relates stories about previous modes of communication like beepers, postal letters and telegrams, the children of 21st century feel really surprised. It seems that the people relating the stories about telegrams belong to some other planet. So, it is a fact that the cell phone technology has started a new era on our planet, which has uprooted the old fashioned lifestyle entirely.

But, this does not mean that this technology does not affect people negatively. Everything on the planet earth has two sides; advantages and disadvantages. The same goes true for the phone technology. The technology is advantageous as well as disadvantageous. In this article, the advantages will be weighed against the disadvantages in order to get a true understanding of the effects of cell phones on human life.

The Advantages of the Technology

  • It is said that “phones have turned the world into a global village.” The statement seems exactly true. Living in one corner of the world, we can talk to our loved ones living in another corner of the world easily.
  • The cell phone technology has speeded up small and big businesses. The business parties around the world can communicate with one another in a couple of seconds. They can deal and decide quickly. Consequently, the business world has been improved to a surprising extent due to this technology.
  • It has made people in touch with one another. In this way, mobile phones have encouraged human interaction.
  • To provide a network for communication, lots of people are needed to handle the responsibilities. Hence, many jobless people have got good jobs for them due to this technology.

The Disadvantages of the Technology

  • The greatest disadvantage of it is that this technology has affected the natural way of human interaction badly. People remain busy with their cells even when sitting in a group of other people.
  • There are many stories about the people who met accidents due to keeping focus on their mobile phone while driving. So, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of these devices.
  • Mobile phones are used by criminals to inform one another about their dirty plans. And, their crime schemes are devised using this technology in most cases.
  • Mobile phones have also boosted up street crimes and violation of moral values. Lots of immoral, so-called love stories find their existence through the misuse of this technology.
  • Some noticeable ear and brain diseases have surfaced due to the overuse of these devices. Moreover, eyesight problems have also been seen among many crazy mobile users.

So, we can see that mobile phones are not only useful, but they are also harmful. Well, it will not be wrong to say that none of the technologies is harmful by nature, it depends upon us whether we use it positively or negatively.

By Sam Acharya

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