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The Controversy on Free Cell Phone Number Lookups

07 Jul The Controversy on Free Cell Phone Number Lookups

Aha, you also want a reverse cell phone lookup? Is it because you're concerned about the safety of yourself and your family? Or are you sick and tired of prank callers? Or you are just curious about a number that keeps showing up on your caller ID? Whatever the reason is, you want to trace details of a mobile number to overcome your curiosity. If you have never done a reverse phone lookup, you may have two types of questions.

  1. Can you trace cell phone numbers at all?
  2. Are such telephone tracing services freely available?

We all know that reverse phone lookups can easily find the land phone details where we just need to enter the number of the land line. But is it the same story for a mobile numbers? No, it is not. Use of white pages is also limited to land line numbers of residential origin.

You may now feel that tracing a cellular number is impossible. That's not true, you can reverse lookup the phone owner's information for cell phones as well. You may have come across many websites that offer access to cell phone directories for a price. This tells us that finding a mobile phone number is not freely available. This is primarily because cell numbers are kept out of the directories used by free lookup services. But paid services discussed above are able to lookup unlisted telephone numbers such as cellular numbers by going directly to the telephone companies themselves. They pay a fee to the telephone company and are allowed access to their databases. They can then provide you with instant and accurate results when you run a search on an unlisted number. Since they are paying a fee to access the information themselves, they obviously can not give it to you for free. They simply pass along the cost to you.

The Controversy

The controversy is that I have seen many websites (I'm sure you too) claiming to do a free telephone number lookups. Ultimately you find out that you actually have to pay for their services. They just use the word 'Free' to attract people to their websites, I call this 'cheap marketing'. And extremely these people not only do not give you the promised 'free' service, but they also over charge you. I've seen some of these sites charging you as much as $ 99 when you can actually get it done for a fraction of that price.

By Shania W

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