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The Execs and Cons of the 4 Triathlon Distances

30 Aug The Execs and Cons of the 4 Triathlon Distances

Even though there are artistic variants on the regular triathlon distances (these types of as some races that make the swim longer to appease the fish between us, or the races that make the bike longer to make us sense like we&#39re finding deserved mileage from our multi- thousand dollar time demo bike, or the races that make the operate longer to only be masochistic and cruel), there are normally 4 triathlon distances: Dash, Olympic, Fifty percent-Ironman and Ironman. So to assistance you with your triathlon race period preparing, right here&#39s a quick peek at the professionals and disadvantages of each individual triathlon length.


Execs – Envision an obese, sedentary particular person sitting on the couch and licking Cheetos residue off their fingers. Technically, it would be achievable for that individual to be standing on the commencing line of a Dash triathlon just 12-sixteen weeks later on. This is due to the fact given that sprint triathlon distances are short, they have a minimal barrier to entry and do not require comprehensive bodily preparing. You only want to be ready to swim four hundred-600 meters (eight-12 laps in a pool), journey a bicycle 10-fifteen miles, and operate or wander two-4 miles, and this necessitates constantly training for about 50 minutes to two hours. This could be challenging for some, but it is do-ready for most. Also, if you&#39re match or expert in triathlon, and you want to go faster in a Dash triathlon, it will consider much less schooling time than the longer distances, so it&#39s really uncommon for Dash triathlon length to be a family members-wrecker.

Cons – Dash triathlons do not have substantially notoriety. You could turn out to be offended when another person asks you how your “Mini-Triathlon” went. And if you do decide to go quick or shoot for a podium spot, a sprint triathlon is heading to damage, a great deal. You&#39ll want to be at a purple very hot superior-depth work near maximum heart price for about two-three times as lengthy as a 5K operate. That&#39s a zone that&#39s challenging for most to get into, but the value you have to pay out if you want to earn or place in a Dash triathlon length. Yet another achievable con for a lot of is that you only donĀ¹t have substantially time to try to eat food throughout a Dash triathlon, so these who contend in purchase to have access to a transferring buffet of gels and cookies will be let down.


Execs – As the identify implies, the Olympic length is really substantially the very same triathlon length coated in the Olympics (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K operate), so when another person asks you if you did a “Mini-Triathlon”, you can reply by saying, “No, I did specifically what they do in the Olympics”. This will probably make you sense superior within, and at the very same time, you even now do not have to educate rather as substantially as the Fifty percent-Ironman and Ironman triathletes, so your husband or wife, young ones, family members and buddies will not uncover you a total stranger. If you&#39re a triathlon junkie, you can do a ton of Olympic distances races in a year, and not have a superior possibility of overtraining or personal injury, given that they&#39re fairly short and you&#39ll recover swiftly. Additionally, you basically get to try to eat a little little bit. Bon appetit.

Cons – At the very same time, the depth of your Olympic triathlon length schooling will be significantly better than the Fifty percent-Ironman and Ironman triathlon. So, comparable to Dash triathlon, you want to be eager to go into the agony cave significantly extra usually. If you&#39re not match, it&#39s even now achievable to get roped into an Olympic length triathlon by your friends, who will probably say a little something like, “C&#39mon, it&#39s just twenty five% of an Ironman.” When you arrive at the 5K stage of the operate, on the other hand, you will be setting up revenge on these friends. And if you do want to get on the podium for an Olympic length race, be all set to execute flawlessly, given that the tiniest faults can price you valuable seconds that include up incredibly swiftly for this triathlon length.

Fifty percent-Ironman:

Execs – Congratulations, you know have bragging rights for obtaining completed a triathlon length that incorporates the word “Ironman”, with out basically obtaining to give up your full working day. As a issue of simple fact, in a lot of Fifty percent-Ironman gatherings, you can be completed by lunch, sense incredibly superior about you, and even now have the relaxation of the working day to make excuses not to mow the garden ( “C&#39mon, I just did an Ironman occasion! “) or to go drink a lot of chilly beer. If you do not like the purple-very hot depth of Dash and Olympic length schooling and racing, but do not have the time to devote to Ironman, then this triathlon length is a great compromise. Additionally, you can travel lengthy distances to race a Fifty percent-Ironman with out the very same variety of race working day strain as you experience in Ironman. Eventually, if you make a oversight throughout a Fifty percent-Ironman race, these types of as remembering to poo halfway as a result of the fifty percent-marathon, you&#39ll even now have a lot of time to make up for these lost seconds.

Cons – With all the schooling and work you you&#39ll set in for a Fifty percent-Ironman triathlon length, you&#39ll sometimes uncover you asking the query, “Why did not I just sign up for an Ironman?”. After all, you&#39re commonly just as sore the subsequent working day just after a Fifty percent-Ironman as an Ironman, and you even now have to do a lot of logistical race setting up when it will come to hydration, electrolytes or food. Also, the “Fifty percent” part of “Fifty percent Ironman” does not lend alone rather as nicely to bragging rights ( “You only did fifty percent of it? How occur? Did you quit halfway as a result of?”), But you&#39ll seem determined and monotonous attempting to reveal what a 70.three is ( “Effectively, a comprehensive Ironman is a two.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.two mile operate, which is 140.six miles, but what I&#39ve completed … dude, wake up.” )


Execs – It&#39s Ironman, for crying out loud. This occasion has been elevated to tattoo-worthiness status. Did you hear me? You get to swim two.4 miles, journey 112 miles, operate a marathon, and then get a tattoo and your mom and dad will even now be happy of you. Heck, your manager probably will much too. Until you&#39re a musician, Harley fanatic or artist, in what other social situation are tattoos appropriate? Even if you skip out on the tattoo, you&#39ll have bragging rights for existence, you&#39ll sense incredibly superior about you, and you will get to try to eat around 4000 calories a working day and stay skinny.

Cons – Ironman is a logistical nightmare. Not only do you want to squeeze 12-twenty five schooling hours into any given week, but you also want to figure out how to try to eat and drink while transferring lengthy distances with out your gut distending like a swollen balloon or your fragile bodily sphincters crying out in distress . You will turn out to be greatest buddies with your community sporting activities medication medical doctor and bodily therapist, and this is not a superior factor. In the course of the true race, you will go as a result of intervals that have been compared to childbirth, a dying-march, and a “incredibly dim place”. When you end, you could experience symptoms of article-traumatic strain dysfunction. You could forget what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife seems like, and you romantic times with them could involve nothing at all extra than you lying like a sack of potatoes on the couch while they lovingly stroke their fingers as a result of your sweat-caked hair. You could have to appease them by allowing for them to assistance you style and design your tattoo.

Though the info above will give you a superior baseline for building your triathlon length selection, I can not vouch for your security or sanity if you decide on to believe outside the house box of the triathlon distances described in this article, and decide to go do a race like the American Triple T, which packs a Dash, two Olympics, and a Fifty percent-Ironman triathlon all into one particular weekend, or a again-to-again Ironman triathlon like Ultraman. Be absolutely sure to drop me a line if you do go deal with a new triathlon length I&#39d adore to hear your story. To be absolutely sure And lands test out the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, at Http:// , the place you can the be a part of me for a weekly webinar to converse about your triathlon schooling, diet, and extra.

By Ben Greenfield

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