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The Facts About Obtaining Catheter Supplies

08 Apr The Facts About Obtaining Catheter Supplies

Catheter supplies are of the utmost importance for people who have been released from a medical establishment but still require some form of medical care beyond the hospital or a doctors office. In fact, many patients who undergo various surgeries or procedures will need to carry out follow up procedures in order to maintain their health and to recover. Therefore, it is critical that the proper supplies, such as Catheters, are acquired in order to properly implement this type of medical maintenance at home.

When a person can not urinate on their own they will generally need to use a catheter in order to remove toxins from their body and to maintain their health. Failing to obtain proper supplies can result in a persons health reduction. In fact, a person who requires such medical equipment and refuses to use it can actually put their life at risk and die.

Prior to leaving the hospital your doctor or a nurse will direct you on how to use a catheter. They may also request that anyone who may help you to do so while at home to be present so that they can practice and learn how to do it. Additionally, most hospitals will give a small supply of catheter supplies to their patients prior to releasing them from their care. Still, they will direct you to other companies in order to obtain all future needed supplies.

Payment for these supplies will have to be done "out of pocket" if you do not have an insurance provider. However, if you do have an insurance provider you should speak to them directly to see what limitations they may have on the supplies that you will need. Pricing limitations may be put into action by various insurance companies and some may even require that a patient shop from a specific company in order to obtain their supplies. This is why it is very important to seek out the details from your insurance company before making a purchase.

Upon leaving a doctors office or even a hospital your medical care provider will once again go over the steps that you need to follow in order to insert and remove a catheter. They will do this to insure that you can carry out this function while in the privacy of your own home.

Most Catheter supply kits will be delivered to your home and will actually contain a detailed list of instructions that will remind you how to use the catheter. You should read over these directions in order to remember the specific steps that you need to take when putting in your catheter and also when taking it out. You may also desire to speak with your supply dealer to make sure that they come equipped with these instructions.

Another thing you will want to consider is asking the company you are making your purchase from what specific items are included. There are some catheter supply kits that do not come equipped with all the supplies that you will need in order to use them.

By Morgan Le Fay

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