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The Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Personal Hot Spot – What it Can Do For You

01 Oct The Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 Personal Hot Spot – What it Can Do For You

Novatel Wireless released a new product May, 2009 that could set a trend for wireless Internet connectivity: The MiFi 2200. What makes the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 so innovative is that it's the first personal cellular modem to incorporate a wireless router in the same box. The MiFi 2200 connects to EV-DO cellular networks to provide a wireless broadband Internet connection that can be shared with up to five users or devices within a 30 foot range. And it's only the size of a few stacked credit cards!

Imagine having an 802.11b / g WiFi connection anywhere you go: on the bus, the mall, in your car, at a restaurant or cafe, or in the home of a friend or relative who still has 56K Internet access. Some users keep the MiFi as backup in case their home Internet Service Provider fails. Road trips can be entertaining, even quiet, with all family members able to browse the Internet or play multiplayer games on their Nintendo DSs or Sony PSPs. With the MiFi, business trips are more productive while traveling or sharing a hotel room with a coworker. The MiFi makes live video, instantly uploaded to YouTube, easy to do.

It's the MiFi's portability that makes ubiquitous Internet access possible. Early adopters have raved about the MiFi's size, thrilled that the device can fit in a breast pocket or wallet. If you can fit your whole hand inside the pockets of your jeans, then the MiFi will unduly also fit, as it is about the size of a few stacked credit cards.

Connecting to the Internet is a breeze – all that's required is pressing the MiFi's power button. Within half a minute of being turned on, an Internet connection is established and ready to be shared. The MiFi's rechargeable battery will last 4-6 hours during constant use. There is also a standby mode when Internet use ceases, which will extend the MiFi's battery life to 40 hours. Users can still browse the Internet using the MiFi as it recharges while plugged into an electrical outlet or connected to a computer via USB.

The Mifi supports 2-way text messaging using a computer when connected via USB. A miniSD slot on the side of the MiFi can handle cards up to 16GB, and will run applications that incorporate the MiFi's GPS capability, provide auto-VPN access, allow automatic email synch, and much more. Of course, music, video, and other programs can also be stored on the MiFi.

The Novatel MiFi 2200 is marketed as capable of keeping up to five people or devices connected to the Internet at speeds exceeding 1Mbps while downloading content and 5.Mbps while uploading to the Internet; however, many product reviewers have experienced sustained download and upload speeds twice the rather conservative speeds marked by wireless carriers.

Verizon Wireless and Sprint are currently the only two cellular companies offering the MiFi as part of their product lines. Both cellular providers have extensive networks, allowing MiFi users to have an Internet connection almost anywhere.

By Greg F.

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