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The “services” that Dash wishes to demand me $914.81 for! [Fixed]

24 Jul The “services” that Dash wishes to demand me $914.81 for! [Fixed]

We have been at last able to get this resolved with the assistance of Bridgett from Sprint’s Government & Regulatory Providers Section. Bridgett was pretty helpful and experienced no canned answers to provide which was refreshing. Bridgett took an aim seem at my problems, and these videos, and was able to authorize a return of the two telephones and cancellation of our services. It is as well bad it requires BBB and FCC complaints to arrive at a person who can assistance, but I visualize that is what it requires to weed out the outrageous men and women.

The services that Dash wishes to demand me $914.81 for:
27 calls complete in thirteen minutes
– 7 occasions = No rings
– 3 of these occasions a line of interaction is built involving my phone and the “callers” phone devoid of my awareness.

My identify is Aaron. I individual and operate a laptop or computer IT and repair service enterprise in Richmond, VA. My mobile phone is my enterprise get hold of line for new and existing consumers and I am essential by regulation to comply with HIPPA (Healthcare privateness regulation) even though working inside doctor’s places of work. Sprint’s services is making it possible for unidentified callers to hear and pay attention in on my phone calls simply just by contacting my phone range. This was examined and verified in a Dash Shop on two occassions.. and my phone (Galaxy SIII) was declared defective and changed.

The same issue persisted just after the replacements…

Soon after around ten yrs of services with Dash I was:
1. Lied to. requested if my ETF (Early Termination) charge would be waved and was informed Of course. But just after heading to Verizon and porting my range I have a $914.81 invoice… and Dash is not willing to allow me return the two Galaxy SIII telephones that have been two times out of the 30-day return policy (Although the issue was occuring from day 1, and was reported to Dash five times just after the new telephones have been activated.)

two. Instructed “Why need to we assistance you, your no for a longer time our
customer” around the phone by a Dash retention member.

3. Missing around forty% of enterprise and/or around $6000-$8000
even though I experienced services problems for about a month until finally dropping
Dash. I have experienced no problems due to the fact switching to Verizon.

  • hittman sanjo
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    This videos retarded

  • Senor XREY
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    First of all, anyone who is running a SERIOUS business and supposedly needs to comply with HIPPA or any other regulations, needs to have their head examined for using an Android phone as their "secure" communication device.  Get a freakin' land line with voice mail, and forward your calls from there to your cell when you're not in the "office" (or garage, crack house, whatever).  It's the cost of doing business.  Or is your business just scraping by because you don't know what you're doing???

    You fail to mention:
    1. Did you "jailbreak" either of these phones"?
    2. Did you install a bunch of stupid free apps with bundled spyware on them?
    3.  Did you even BOTHER to read the fine print of ANY of the apps you installed?

    There's a reason that Apple doesn't have these issues:  Any developer has to pass rigorous testing to offer apps on iTunes.  Google, on the other hand, is all "open sores" (sic), and allows any 13yo kid with a stupid idea about Angry Boobs or whatever app get onto the Google Play store.  Russian hackers are all over their marketplace.  You just don't realize it.  No wonder you have issues.

    You have to be careful WHO you download all these stupid apps from. They conflict with one another in many situations, and many times have access to your contacts, phone status, wi-fi, and can even send messages using YOUR phone.  That's pretty much a trojan or spyware if you look it up.  Just because they sell it on Google doesn't make it any good. 


    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    I had this problem also it happened in the last month, I was having other issues with sprint and after spending hours talking to reps in 3 stores and hours over the phone NOTHING WAS RESOLVED THEY DONT CARE.. I have a new provider and no more issues .. I am telling you go with another provider … SHAME ON YOU SPRINT

  • Wesley Thomas
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    My phone does that calling thing to

  • Wesley Thomas
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    My phone they dont even know whats wrong with it and every time they replace it that hassle me and just give me the samr phone and i have the same problems

    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    F Sprint im having that say thing and I can't get help can't even call 911 it's a 5050 chance that my phone may work every few seconds its fucked up if any one thinks that thay can help me please call my Sprint phone number7609893011 im greg Patterson please I have a galaxy not 2 that I paid in full I'm getting no where but its so nice to be laying on the floor after covered in blood in urine after seizure and can't even call 911 because of my new phone with Sprint just won't even connect to 911

  • Alex Bronk
    Posted at 08:00h, 24 July

    I may leave sprint for AT&T, I've never ever had issues with the service or performance but what sprint does have issues with is their phone selection…. Nokia lumia 920 here I come