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Time Management – How to Stay Focused and Complete the Task at Hand

09 Mar Time Management – How to Stay Focused and Complete the Task at Hand

The key component to maintaining your inner peace is knowing how to stay focused. If you are easily distracted then it may be necessary for you to develop a plan on how to stay focused. I have listed 7 techniques that you can you use to make focusing easier for you. The techniques are: 1) Make a to-do-list 2) Prioritize 3) Stay off of Facebook 4) Remove all distractions 5) Clean up the clutter 6) Get a Planner and 7) Stay calm

#1 Make a To-Do-List

In the morning, I usually sit down while I am drinking my coffee and I write out my to-do-list. Writing a to-do-list will help you to focus because it will give you order. If you know what you need to do, then you are more likely to stay on task.

#2 Prioritize

Once you write out your to-do-list, you should go back and prioritize. There is 24 hours in a day and you may not be able to complete everything on your list. So if prioritize you will be sure to complete the more important tasks first.

#3 Stay off of Facebook

When you are working on staying focused and completing a task, you should stay off of the internet until you have completed the task you are working on. Browsing on sites such as Facebook and Twitter and checking your email can be very time consuming.

#4 Remove Distractions

You can remove all distractions by working in a quiet area. That means turning off your television and cell phone. If you have small children, it may be a good idea to work on projects early in the morning or late at night.

#5 Clean up Clutter

When I am working, it is difficult for me to stay focused on the task at hand, if everything is out of order. It is also very time consuming when you have to look for things that are out of place

#6 Get a Planner

A planner is a wonderful tool to help you to get organized and to stay focused. You can use your planner to write down appointments, special occasions and other important events. All you have to do is look at the month, date and time and be reminded of the things you have to do on that particular date.

#7 Stay Calm

A key component in staying focused is going to be in your ability to stay calm. If you are anxious then you are not going to be able to sit still long enough to complete a task. A good way to stay calm, when you are trying to complete a task is to take frequent breaks.

By Antionette R Tate

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