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Tips on Buying Good Used Cellular and Mobile Phones

27 Oct Tips on Buying Good Used Cellular and Mobile Phones

Are you looking for a good used cell or mobile phone but not sure how to locate one? Here is a tip you for finding a good used cellular phone at a very reasonable price.

Using Cragislist

You can find used cellular phones on eBay or online stores with used and refurbished inventory, but why not take advantage of the local classified listing?

The advantage of using Craigslist is that the ads are posted every minute, and you can physically see the item before purchasing the phone. Locate the cell phone on Craigslist and get ready to meet the seller in person with cash in hand.

Limiting Search Geography on Craigslist

While searching for a cell phone on Craigslist, do not spread your search too wide geographically. Keep in mind that you will be meeting the seller in person, and if you live in a large city or near one, limiting the search area to certain area of ​​the city should result in sufficient search results. For example, Phoenix area Craigslist offers users the ability to not only restrict ads only posted in East Valley. After restricting the ads only appearing in your near area, limit the ads that only show images etc. If you spread your search too wide, you will be driving a lot of distance for possibly nothing.

Meeting the Seller in Person

After finding the right cell phone on Craigslist, contact the seller to meet in person. Open up the back of the battery and see if there are any small and white stickers or labels. Cell phone companies place small and white labels in this area to determine whether or not the phone has sustained water damage during repair service. If the phone has been in water, one or more of the small white labels will turn pink. If you see any pink labels, you should stay away from that cell phone.

Placing SIM and Dialing

If your cell phone company happens to use SIM cards, such as T-mobile, place the SIM to the battery area to activate the phone using the SIM. You should then dial to see if your SIM gets picked up. If your cell company does not use SIM and requires ownership exchange, you should call your cellular company to exchange ownership on the spot. Make sure that the phone is not reported stolen, ask if it has repair or service record. This is much like buying a used car.

Buying Unlocked Cell Phones

Buying unlocked mobile phones, which means cell phones not restricted to the use of certain cell phone carrier's network, you should approach this with caution. Unless you know exactly how to do use unlocked phones, you should not proceed.

Do not get burned.

By Takuya Hikichi

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