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Top 10 Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Kits

23 Apr Top 10 Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Kits

Most of today’s cellular phones are bluetooth enabled. Among the most popular models, you must have heard about the PalmOne Treo, the Motorola RAZRs, the Samsung T509, to mention a few. There are literally hundreds of Blue Tooth cell phone models in the market today. Chances are, you own one.

One of the advantages of bluetooth accessories is their ability to connect to any cellphone as long as it is bluetooth capable. And there is more to it. Regardless of the manufacturer, one can pair a Motorola bluetooth headset with a Nokia bluetooth cellular phone.

For those of you who like the comfort of handsfree conversations in your car and do not want to spend an extra $200 for a new car kit every time you change your cell phone, here’s what is available.

Bluetooth Car Kits can be portable or full installation.

  • The portable ones usually plug in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter plug; some even come with rechargeable batteries and can be moved around, not only in your car, but also used as home/office speakerphones.
  • Full Installation blue tooth car kits require a professional installer, but this is the last time you will pay for that service. Most of these kits come with a dashboard display in addition to all other hidden components. Most of them have a simple, multi-functional button, which allows to accept, finish, and reject calls as well as voice dialing capabilities. The latest generation of Bluetooth Car Kits now features color screens as well as GPS receivers to be used in conjunction with software like Wayfinder, TomTom, Route 66 etc.

    Here is the top ten list of best Bluetooth Car Kits.

    1. Parrot Easydrive EasyInstall Cellular Phone Kit

    2. Parrot RHYTHM N’BLUE CD MP3 AM FM Bluetooth Stereo Deck

    3. Blue Ant Supertooth 2 Sun Visor Mounted Bluetooth Speakerphone

    4. Nokia Bluetooth Speakerphone (HF-6W)

    5. Jabra Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone (SP500)

    6. Motorola Bluetooth Car Kit (98675)

    7. Motorola Bluetooth Self Install Car Cellular Phone Kit (HF820 / 98666)

    8. Samsung Bluetooth Car Kit (HKT100BDEG/XAR)

    9. Raytel TellPhone 5000 Bluetooth Voice Recognition Car Kit

    10. Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth Car Kit

    Paring any of the models above phones is easy and indicated in any phone user manual. All you need to replace when changing your cell phone is a dashboard phone holder. However, most holders now have universal expandable grips so that the same accessory will work with many of your future phones.

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