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Top 5 Things You Will Want To Include On Your Beach Accessories List

29 May Top 5 Things You Will Want To Include On Your Beach Accessories List

As the weather turns warm, families are heading to the beach and looking for ways to stay cool around the pool. It is a great idea to make a complete beach supplies list before you head to the water. Keeping your summer gear organized and within reach makes your day more fun and enjoyable for everyone–especially if your family is large or you have different ages of children going with you. Perhaps the most important piece of equipment needed is a roomy pull or push cart with large wheels to make transporting all of your supplies from the car to the swimming or sunbathing area easier.

Five suggestions for the most important beach accessories are listed below to help you make your own list.

Umbrellas protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This means protecting eyes with proper sunshades, using sunscreen to protect your skin, and wearing big wide brim hats to cover your head and protect your ears, nose and face from sunburn. Consider buying individual chair umbrellas or a large family shade for a place to come out of the water and rest up.

Flip-flops will protect the feet from the hot sand, broken shells and possible broken glass. It is a good idea to wear flip-flops when using the outdoor shower to rinse away the sand before returning to the car, too.

Beach mats and oversized beach towels serve double duty. By having a specific beach towel, whether it’s personalized or has a theme for each family member means there’ll be no confusion as to who has which towel. Plus, even on the warmest day, it feels good to wrap up in a hooded beach towel after coming out of the water. With a nice beach mat or towel to lay on, they’ll enjoy a comfortable place in the shade or sun so they can enjoy the weather.

Beach balls and toys in age appropriate styles are fantastic for family fun and sand games. Consider a ball that lights up on impact for night-time activities. These nifty toys are easy to spot after sundown and are great for every age. Buckets, shovels, toy trucks and shovels are all great toys to take to the beach as well.

Water bottles for everyone! Keeping your body hydrated is definitely important and water is your best source of hydration for everyone.

Making a beach supplies list should include sunscreen and personal totes to carry toys, towels and flip-flops. By practicing some basic safety tips and having a plan put together will make sure everyone in the family has a great time. Look for lightweight, washable summer gear for easy transportation and clean up.

By Bianca Bowman

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