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Unlimited Mobile Broadband Without the Data Cap

08 Dec Unlimited Mobile Broadband Without the Data Cap

My friend Pete recently changed jobs and his company gave him a mobile broadband card from Verizon Wireless. This guy is an IT support person and the types of applications that he works with are super mission critical so the company made sure he was able to get on the Internet whenever necessary. Unfortunately, his boss failed to mention that the mobile broadband plan had a data transfer limit of 5GB per month. Over the next week, Pete was using the data card as his main Internet access from his house because the installation of his DSL line was delayed a week. Pete loves You Tube and he downloads stuff like crazy so he hit the wall pretty quick on the data limit. Pete was not aware of the limit but when he met with his boss; Pete got a quick lesson on mobile broadband access limitations. Pete still works there but he loves to tell this story whenever we go out with friends.

In the retail world, a truly unlimited data plan does not exist because every network imposes some sort of data cap which is usually around 5GB per month. There are certain professionals that would really benefit from a mobile broadband plan without these data transfer restrictions. Like Pete, I am sure that any critical support technician would love to get their hands on an unlimited data plan without the 5GB cap. I also see an unlimited data card benefiting companies who employ sales people, journalists, media producers, on site customer support, or anyone else needing on demand wireless broadband Internet access. There is a wholesale alternative for companies in search of a truly unlimited wireless broadband Internet solution without the monthly data cap restriction. With the right wholesale provider, your company can secure the best agreement because terms are flexible, plans include truly unlimited data transfer, provisioning of the data card is efficient, and the network connection is provided by a tier-one carrier.

Here are a few tips when considering a corporate wide mobile broadband implementation.

1. Establish Policies for Mobile Broadband Policies

It is crucial to establish policies prior to implementation so that the roll out is organized and everyone understands who receives access and how the data cards are issued. Potentially, anyone with a laptop is a candidate for a mobile broadband card. We recommend that key traveling employees should have mobile broadband and Wi-Fi access, including sales reps, field service technicians and executives.

Next, decide how the data cards will be deployed and who will handle the approval process. For most companies, it makes sense to follow the same procedure for mobile phones.

Another consideration, you may want to have a policy against employees purchasing their own mobile broadband data cards so that you maintain visibility and control over expenses, obtain corporate discounts and maintain better management of the account.

2. Keep an Inventory of Compatible Hardware

It is important for companies to pick a hardware platform that is universally accepted by the organization. Most companies maintain an inventory of standardized laptops and handheld devices that connect to the corporate network.

3. Establish a Deployment Plan

You will need to establish a process for actually getting the data cards into the end users hands. If you have a help desk or an internally IT department, you may want to centralize the process so that tracking the data cars is more efficient.

For new employees, their manager may be the person issuing the data card on their first day of work and then handing over the tracking to the help desk.

When an employee leaves the company, you will need to establish a way to get the data card and if the card is not returned shut down the service on the data card immediately.

4. Monitor Usage

It is good to monitor your mobile broadband data cards to make sure they are being used at all or for non-work related activities like music and movie downloads. Employees who travel infrequently may not be using their data cards until they travel but you end up paying for their usage month after month. We suggest if there is zero usage within a 90 day window then you may want to suspend usage and reevaluate if the employee needs a data card.

5. Work with a Solid Wholesale Service Provider

Look for a wholesale mobile broadband service provider. Working with a flexible wholesale provider will ensure the best rates, customized billing, flexible contract terms, superior service and simplified provisioning of new data cards.

Mobile broadband is quickly becoming an essential access point for corporations because of the connection speed and convenience of everywhere connectivity. As the technology continues to improve with next generation mobile broadband and handset applications, corporations will continue to explore ways of increasing employee productivity. In closing, corporations should consider implementing mobile broadband right now to lower broadband access costs and gain productivity increases.

By Paul Mendiola

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