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Verizon Cell Phones Still Hot

09 Jul Verizon Cell Phones Still Hot

Verizon cell phones come in many different makes and models, but one of the best reasons for signing up with the company is the fact that it's one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States. This can be an important consideration when choosing which service to subscribe to because many carriers do not actually own or operate on their own networks, whereas a select few such as Verizon does. This means that if there is ever an issue with coverage or anything of that sort, a customer can be sure that he or she is dealing with the responsible party itself, and not some middleman company.

It all started as simple ol 'Ma Bell, Graham and Bell Telephone Co., and got too big for its branches so the feds had to bust it up – leading to Bell Atlantic and now Verizon. It's currently the second largest fixed telephony provider in the whole country, and number one when it comes to wireless networks. Verizon Wireless is one of only two major worldwide carriers to offer CDMA technology. Accordingly, Verizon cell phones are available running on CDMA or the newer GSM protocol.

As can be imagined for such a company, the complete list of their handsets – every one ever released for their subscribers – is a "what's what" of mobile communications history. Just about every manufacturer's makes and models had been available at some point, offered free or at low cost with a plan. But what's really made them a success, beyond their superior infrastructure, obviously, has been their memorable marketing campaigns.

Who can forget "the network guy?" Who does not remember the "army of technicians" outside your home? Such indelible images have firmly ensconced themselves into the popular imagination such that when people think of cell phones, what they refer to in their minds is a Verizon commercial they've seen. It's effective advertising, which has certainly been an important factor in the company's growth and success.

And such success has enabled them to offer a wide selection of handsets, helping to convince people far and wide to sign up for years-long contracts. Their latest coup in this regard has been convincing Apple to let them offer the iPhone, once the exclusive custody of the AT & T, fellow and rival "Baby Bell." Verizon subscribers increased manifold the very week of the offering, further cementing the company's lead in the marketplace today.

By Carol T Dunn

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