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Why Doesn’t He See Me As More Than a Friend?

05 May Why Doesn’t He See Me As More Than a Friend?

Have you ever had a really good male friend who you liked as more than just a friend? Did you ever get frustrated that despite all of your efforts to show this man that you were interested in being more than just his friend, he never got the hint? Do you feel that your efforts are hopeless and that your friend will never see you in a romantic way? Don’t worry all hope is not lost! I once had a male friend who never saw me as more than just a friend for the longest until one day I seduced him and the rest was history. If your friend is just like any other man, seducing him should be a breeze. The fact that you’re already this man’s friend should make seducing him even easier being that you already know his likes and dislikes. You should have much more success at seducing this man then any new woman who enters his life and doesn’t know anything about him. Try a few of the following seduction techniques that have worked for me and before you know it your buddy will soon become your hot new man.

The first thing you have to do is to get closer to your friend. Make him confide in you and trust you. Become that person in his life who he can always count on whenever he has a problem or the first person he wants to talk to whenever something good happens in his life. Slowly gain his trust and affection by being a very close trustworthy friend. Don’t treat him the same way his other friends treat him. Treat him as if he was a very special and important person in your life. If you treat him the same as all his other friends then nothing will set your relationship with him apart. Don’t be that friend that watches as women come and go into his life without saying a word. Make it clear to him that no matter what happens in his life, you are there for him. Show him that even if a woman breaks his heart you are the first person by his side. By showing him so much importance and by being the person he can count on most in any situation will make him feel a deeper emotional connection towards you. Developing a deep emotional relationship is the first step into developing a meaningful romantic relationship. I can guarantee you that eventually your friend will start to notice the relationship he has with you is more special then the relationship he has with his other friends and he may start to see you as girlfriend potential.

Now that you’ve started to build a deeper emotional connection and level of trust with your friend, you’ve won part of the battle. The next thing you have to do is work on your physical appearance and getting him to see that aside from being his special friend, you also have the ability of being a sexy woman. Up until now that he’s always seen you as just his friend, he probably hasn’t noticed how hot you could be. Surprise him the next time you see him. Make sure to have your hair and makeup done. Also, make sure to wear something sexy that shows off your feminine side. Chances are he has probably always seen you as just one of the guys and not as hot sexy chick. After he’s seen the sexy and feminine side of you, you’re one step closer to making this man yours!

After you’ve gotten closer to your friend and showed him the sexy and feminine side of you, the most important thing you have to do is seduce the man. You may be wondering, what can you possibly do to seduce a man who has never seen you as anything other than a friend? Well it’s a lot easier than you may think. Men by nature are easier than women to seduce. The first thing you have to do is flirt with the man. Show interest in what he does and admire him. Laughing at his jokes, smiling and keeping eye contact with him all show him you enjoy his company. Don’t forget to compliment him on how he looks or what he’s wearing. You can also compliment him on the things he does like when he fixes your flat tire or brings you your favorite food when you’re sick. By doing this, you will make him feel appreciated and wanted. Now that you’re friend has seen your sexy, flirtatious and feminine side, it is time to kick things up a notch. Now is the time to make this man want you for more than just your friendship. Showing a man you want him sexually will drive him wild. Let him know that he turns you on and that you think he’s sexy. He will probably be shocked in a good way by the revelation that his good friend wants him and thinks he’s sexy. Now that he knows you want him it’s time to make the first move. Start off by getting closer him and looking deep into his eyes. Slowly caress his face and give him a passionate kiss and then as things start to get hot and heavy, move away for a minute. Continue to look deeply into his eyes in a seductive way and make him desire you. Make him beg for more! Seduction is all about delaying gratification so make the man wait and let the sexual tension build. After the sexual tension has built up so much that neither of you can wait any longer, passionately kiss his lips, slowly caress his body and make him yours!

Now that you’ve become this man’s closest friend, there should be no doubt in his mind that you want him and as more than just a friend. After all, you’re the only person he can confide in when he has a problem, you’re the only person he can truly count on through thick and thin and you’ve just seduced him which was the ultimate display in your intentions with him. I can guarantee you that your friend will now start to see you as a girlfriend after everything you’ve done for him that’s shown him your interest.

By Joanne Torres

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