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Why Sprint Plans Are Better Than the Competition

31 Oct Why Sprint Plans Are Better Than the Competition

With so many carriers and plan options available it can be difficult to determine which phone and plan is right for you. Anyone considering purchasing a cell phone would be foolish not to compare services and plans from multiple carriers. Let's begin by looking at the basic plans, as well as, some upgraded plans from three major carriers – Sprint, Verizon and AT & T.

Let's start with basic plans.

Verizon's Nationwide Talk at $ 39.99 includes 450 minutes, 20 cents per text and 25 cents per picture or video message. Sprint's basic cell phone plans, $ 29.99, includes 450 minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited direct connect (for capable phones) and unlimited nights and weekends starting at 7 PM. AT & T's basic plan is also $ 39.99 and includes nights and weekends starting at 9 PM and comes with up to 500 minutes.

Sprint's Unlimited Plans, called the "Everything Messaging Plan", includes the same features as the basic plan plus unlimited messaging; text, pictures and videos for $ 49.99. While Verizon's comparable plan is $ 59.99 and AT & T's Messaging and Data Unlimited Plan adds an additional $ 30.00 to the basic plans totaling $ 69.99. Another of Sprint's Unlimited Plans, Simply Everything Plan, which includes, well, everything; talk, text, and data with a price tag of $ 99.99. Verizon's Unlimited Nationwide Plan plus data package is $ 120.00 and AT & T's comparable plan is also $ 120.00.

Now let's discuss coverage.

The major carrier that has the best cellular phone coverage in urban areas is ambiguous at best. The three major carriers all claim to have the best coverage; however, a little research proves they all have similar coverage. Suffice it to say that if you are within 50 miles of a large city, you should have no problem receiving wireless coverage although there could be some slight variations.

If you are thinking ahead about which carrier will have the most room for growth and expansion, look no further than Sprint. 4G capabilities are the future of wireless, and Sprint cell phone plans far outpace the competition in this area. Sprint's coverage goal is more than 80 cities by the end of 2010, while the other carriers are lagging far behind with the implementation goal of 2012.

When it comes to the phones that each carrier offers, it is a matter of personal preference. Sprint and Verizon are pushing android-based phones, both of which are open-faced devices and offer Google's Android Software. Sprint's HTC Hero is the most advanced of the Android -based phones. It offers a highly customizable user interface and improves on past android devices with Outlook email, calendar, contact synchronization, multitask support and more.

By Tony Previte

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