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Windows 7 Keeps Restarting – How Do I Fix It If Windows 7 Keeps Rebooting

14 Jun Windows 7 Keeps Restarting – How Do I Fix It If Windows 7 Keeps Rebooting

Windows 7 has many additional features as compared to the previous versions of the Windows. It is also more stable in performance than its predecessors.However, many users who have recently started using it complain that Windows 7 keeps restarting in their computer and they are unsure why is there operating system behaving like this. This problem is not difficult to solve and the tips in this article will help you to fix if your Windows 7 keeps rebooting strangely.

Before doing anything check that if your PC's 'Start' button is working properly or not. Sometimes due to the fault in Start button Windows 7 restarts all the time. If you are booting into the computer normally and the restarting still occurs, the problem is most likely occurring due to corrupted Windows Registry.

Registry in Windows 7 is a very important component. It stores all the important information about PC programs. It is very important to have a repaired and cleaned Windows Registry.

Here are the steps that you should do if your Windows 7 keeps rebooting:

· Cool down your computer and clean it from inside. Sometimes laptops and PCs automatically shutdown and restart due to overheating.

· Next time when you start your system go into the Event Viewer feature in Windows 7 (Start> Search Event Viewer) and check all the Windows logs. If there are alert notifications read them carefully and try to identify the reason of system restarting problem.

· Adjust RAM and the power supply and make it sure that every hardware is properly configured.

· Run scan for malwares and viruses. Sometimes the infection caused by malicious applications affect boot sector of the operating system causing Windows 7 to reboot time and again.

· Clean Windows Registry through an effective Registry cleaner which usually comes with a system utilities software. Also clean Windows junk, optimize computer services and defrag Registry data to fix your Windows 7 that keeps rebooting itself.

· Uninstall any software program you added recently. A recently installed software can have installed new DLL files which do not support your operating system. To fix Windows 7 restarting issue it is essential to uninstall such programs. Click Start | Control Panel | Programs Uninstall a Program.

· Check for disk errors. Your PC's hard-disk can have too many bad sectors. Open My Computer, right click a drive, select Properties. Click Tools | Check Now (Error Checking). Click Start to confirm and proceed.

You may also consider to conduct a memory test through Microsoft memory tester. You will however try fixing errors in Windows 7 through a PC Registry scan. By using a good Registry repairing tool you can not only fix such problems but also stabilize PC performance for long-term computer usage.

By A. Honey

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