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ZTE Valet Z665c critique $eight/mo. Tracfone

30 Apr ZTE Valet Z665c critique $eight/mo. Tracfone

This is a primary Android sensible cellular phone and will work on Tracfone providers this sort of as straight chat, net 10, and it has Verizon protection map. This is probably the ideal cellular phone you can get on Tracfone assistance and it has triple minutes. For delicate cellular phone end users this would be way much less expensive than other budget programs this sort of as enhance cellular or metro pcs. The one particular calendar year card value $a hundred , if you do the math which is about $eight a thirty day period for cellphone assistance. Check out out the programs and airtime playing cards on their internet site, I highly recommend as lengthy as you never chat for hours or consistently textual content again and forth
has Wi-Fi so when you are at residence searching the world-wide-web or viewing YouTube videos it isn’t going to use up data.

  • health1994
    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

    kewl stuff brah

  • Ken Ringrose
    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

     I just bought the ZTE Valet Z665i phone from Tracfone for just under $ 32.00, An UPS brought it right to my front door,. if thats not good enough they screwed up my Service date an now I have Service into the year 2024,. I have had Tracfone  service since the early 2000's,. Best Phone & Service i have ever had ! don't talk on the phone all that much but no matter where i am i have Service,. I Never spend over $ 100. A Year ! Plus I Have Triple Minutes,.I Challange Anybody ! 

    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

    Well I know there are some good Hispanics that do very good things but I am sick of getting stuff in Spanish when this is an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY with a bunch of people who come here illegally & demand that I cater to them. My Native American Ancestors & European Ancestors had to learn the American Way of life, Customs & Language. I called those people at Trac Phone & can not understand any of them because their English is terrible as well as their accent which is not understandable to me with a hearing handicap.they also talk backwards & are condescendingly rude & snobby.  So where the heck do I get some help to use this ( SO FAR) worthless piece of electronics….OR A COPY ,IN ENGLISH OF CONCISE STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS??????   It is very frustrating to need to & want to learn how to use something when there is NO help, tech service that is helpful or assistance…  I hope with as rude as you were to me a non computer geek, technically challenged old geezer that you never have to need assistance & can not access it!!!  Sincerely, Den

    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

    so how do you get step by step directions for this uncooperative android?  All I got was a sheet of directions for illegal hispanic people that do not/will not learn how to speak REAL AMERICAN ENGLISH & not all that jibber jabber diarrhea talk.  You tube is supposed to have tutorials & I can't find them either???  So where are they.  I spent the $20.00 to join this so called free site & I sure am not getting my money's worth yet!!     I have had this android for 3 months now & just renewed the double minutes & it still does not show me when the next dude date is due…. Trac Phone Tech service with horrible English speaking people have proven that they can't communicate & will refuse to connect you to a REAL AMERICAN SPEAKING AMERICAN  that I can understand.  I still can't find my phone number on this "Thing" !!   Then to try to turn the "thing" off is a reall ordeal to shut the "thing" down completely. Then to turn it on it takes upwards of 15 minutes… My 15 year cell phone was easier to use & had something this Trac-Phone does not have, easy to use, common sense & logic….. This is no R2D2, CP3CO or DATA… Those served humans. This "thing" is out to destroy humanity

  • Gerald Mccann
    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

    I have had mine for 8 months. Every so often it goes dead and you have to take the battery out and put back in to get it to work again. Tracfone sent me a box to send them the phone for replacement. I did not. I was told they would send me a new phone and then I would send the bad one back. I guess we don't trust each other. 

  • Curtis Zeisler
    Posted at 05:28h, 30 April

    just got this ZTE Valet Z665c for $50 still learning.
    the 3 icons at the bottom (return home setting) don't lite up? Why